Dimension Properties ignoring complaints that front and rear doors cannot lock

There have been three security incidents at the Grand Apartments since Dimension contractors incorrectly replaced doors with doors that are not up to code for apartment buildings, and then refused to enable them to lock. The pictures in this article are shocking. Wide open doors that cannot be locked and are found fully open!

When concerned tenants complained to Dimension Properties their concerns were ignored. Their maintenance requests canceled!

Instead of seeing the danger of having front and rear entrance doors that cannot be secured, Dimension contractors decided to completely ignore the glaring safety and code issues, and instead spent their energy installing a cheap, plywood overhang over the main door, (that cannot be locked) to replace the solid ornamented metal one that provided covering for generations.

Some tenants inside have resorted to getting apartment cams, and others are reportedly sleeping with chairs wedged up against their apartment doors.

It remains to be seen if the work to build an overhang over the front door was done with the necessary permits. What is clear to all is that Dimension Properties apparently doesn’t value their tenants safety.

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