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Be the change you want to see! Tell slumlords and corrupt property owners that their days of hurting innocent people are over. We are looking for writers, artists, musicians, picketers, and community advocates to work for justice for Everett tenants.

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Where is the WIFI?

You finally did it! You found an apartment for rent. You are excited. The apartment even comes with super-fast broadband! Now you can work from home. Or do online schooling. Or just blast your way through the next level of Apex. You move into the apartment which is no small feat in itself. But finally you are done and it is time to connect to the online world. You look for the broadband socket. But there isn’t one. There isn’t even a cable hookup anywhere. Your smile fades. You get a feeling in the pit of your stomach. The Craigslist ad mentioned fast broadband access. Ditto for the ads on the apartment sites. After looking in every room and corner you finally realize that the apartment you just signed a year lease for doesn’t have WIFI after all. You just spent every cent you have moving into the place. Now you’re going to have to spend a lot more. Xfinity wants money. They are going to have to come out and drill a hole. They are going to have to install cable. And you are going to have to pay.

An actual ad for an Everett apartment. Don’t believe the hype. It does NOT have internet access.
An actual ad for an Everett apartment. In reality, it does NOT have “disability access” or high-speed internet.

Rents are sky high. Potential tenants are having to pay for and pass credit and background checks. But where are the checks to see if landlords are trustworthy? Everett Tenants Union was started to give tenants solidarity and help in their times of need. We believe that landlords and property owners should be honest and clearly communicate what tenants will and will not receive if they decide to rent there. And we believe that untrustworthy landlords and property owners should be publicly challenged when they are caught taking advantage of people.

Prices are going up. Money is tight. Times are tough. It is time for tenants to get tougher!

Help Everett Tenants Union fight for honest, safe housing for Everett tenants.

Demand Safe Housing in Everett!

Rents are skyrocketing in Everett, but sometimes the money tenants pay isn’t being spent making buildings safer. Some landlords are hiring unlicensed workers to install electrical wiring and plumbing. Some landlords are ignoring building codes and conducting major work without any permits or inspections.

We believe that ALL tenants in Everett should live in housing that is structurally sound and safe for habitation.

A plugged in hot water heater providing hot water to 14 units
Unlit hallways in a multi-floor building during a fire alarm incident.
There are four apartments in this photo. Could you find your way out?

Two hot water heaters plugged into the same extension cord

Would you believe that the apartment building featured in the photos above is currently fetching $1300 a month for a studio apartment? And that they demand you sign a year-long lease? Some tenants are waking up to no hot water. And coming home to stovetops that don’t work. Or have sinks and tubs that won’t drain. Everett tenants deserve better, especially when prices keep going up. Help us help Everett tenants. Together, we can make renting in Everett safer for all!

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